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We create innovative, high quality, exclusive beauty products, driving value and differentiation.

We do this by balancing imagination with commerciality, pushing both creative and technical boundaries. We take retailers and beauty brands on journeys from here to there, to new and unforeseen destinations. To new definitions of beauty. Our products are conceived with ambition, designed with imagination and realized with devotion to detail. Our creations disrupt convention, but rest on rock-solid commercial reasoning. They confound expectations despite their complexity, with the swiftness of their delivery.

We call this 'engineering beauty'.

Our management team

We are a diverse, talented and creative group of people spanning the globe who share a passion for beauty. We are led by a team who brings a wealth of knowledge, immense experience and a love for what they do. We are the essence of Maesa. We are engineering beauty.

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Maesa is a company that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, cultivates leadership and encourages innovative thinking. Find out more about how you could join our vibrant team.

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