Tommy Bahama

The idea

Parlux is a US based fragrance licensing company with a large portfolio of celebrity and fashion brands. They were looking to achieve cost savings and improved profitability by partnering with Maesa for the provision of turnkey fragrance management.

The product 

Upon acquiring the Tommy Bahama license in 2011, Maesa was able to reverse engineer the brand’s manufacturing process. This enabled us to improve efficiency and reduce costs while also enhancing the quality of the product and modernising its packaging design. The transformation was so successful that during the first seven months of the partnership we launched over 50 SKUs. Following the launch of Tommy Bahama, Maesa went on to reverse engineer and successfully launch several brands under the Kenneth Cole license within similar timeframes. As the range of heritage brands expanded, the partnership between Parlux and Maesa grew. We started launching women’s fragrances under the Kenneth Cole and Tommy Bahama brands, along with a number of flankers, gift sets and travel retail targeted launches. 


Thanks to the continuing support of Maesa’s turnkey fragrance management services, Parlux has been able to concentrate on other aspects of its operation. As a result, they have increased their distribution channels, acquired new licenses and supported and nurtured their brands through marketing and PR. The partnership between Parlux and Maesa has been highly lucrative and continues to develop. The list of brands now includes Sofia Vergara, Sean John and Usher, to name just a few.

50 SKUs launched in first seven months
2011 Tommy Bahamas license acquired
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